Motorized Security Gate Installation

Motorized Security Gates Lino Lakes MN.

We provide a variety of services including barrier gates and gate operators, pedestrian and vehicle gates, automatic gate operators and accessories, manually operated gates, and other installation and supplies for security gates.

Motorized security gates, also called “driveway gates” keep homes, estates, businesses, and communities throughout the Twin Cities more secure. If you don’t want any vehicles entering your driveway when you aren’t expecting them, then you can have Fence Me In install a motorized security gate that will keep them out unless you approve them to enter.

What these automated gates do is keep out bothersome visitors. You can also keep out intruders with intentions that are less than ideal. When you choose a gate from us, you get control over the style so that you have the aesthetics and functionality that you want. Our Minneapolis fencing company will review the options with you after listening to your needs and desires so you can have that control.

Gates That Add Style And Safety

An automated gate adds a sophisticated way to enhance the aesthetics of a home. It also increases its resale value. We offer a variety of decorative options so that your property receives the first impression that it deserves. Whether you are trying to sell your home or you are planning to stay on your property indefinitely, the gate is beautiful, eye catching, and makes a great focal point for the landscape design that you have chosen.

But it isn’t always about the aesthetics, although that is a very important part of the selection process. Motorized security gates are also about the security. You want to feel safe in your home. With the options that we offer you, you can have both the aesthetics and security. You even have your choice of controls, such as card readers, keypads, and phone entry options. Ease-of-use is important, so we make sure you are secure with how to operate your automated gate system.

Design Options You Will Love

Perhaps you are more traditional or you want a design with more flare. What style you have will depend on your fence style and your preference. We know how to meet the needs that every space requires, so our team will spend time with you to learn about your vision for your property. Perhaps you want level, arched, or scalloped tops. They are all beautiful options that we can make happen for you.

Contact A Minneapolis Fencing Company

Motorized security gates keep property secure so that not just anyone can walk inside your fence. They are widely used with estates, private homes, and housing communities. Businesses may even opt for motorized security gates, depending on their operations. If you want a fence with a motorized security gate or you want to add a security gate to your existing fence, Fence Me In can help you. To learn more about what we can do for you, call us at 763-807-5340 to request a free quote.