Split Rail Fence Installation

Split Rail Fence Installation Minneapolis & St. Paul

Pink Rose Bush in Front of a Beautiful Yellow House with a White Picket Fence. Split-rail fences are common and have been around for a very long time. While this type of fencing is used in mostly suburban and rural areas, you will still see the occasional split-rail fence throughout the urban areas of the Twin Cities. This is due to their simplicity and the fact they get a point across and that is that the property is enclosed for a reason. A city dweller who may have grown up on a farm may opt for this type of fencing around their property. It gives a country look that can complement some home styles.

However, you will often see split-rail fences with livestock behind them and that is very important since livestock needs to remain contained for their own safety and the safety of people and other animals. At Fenced Me In, we are a Twin Cities fence company that will listen to your needs so we can help you choose the style of split-rail fencing that works for you.

Split Rail Fence Installations Lino Lakes MN.

A Multi-Use Type Of Fencing

Split-rail fencing has a high aesthetic value, especially when you are trying to achieve a certain style. Here are some of the functions of split-rail fencing:

  • Identify property lines
  • Prevent livestock from leaving a property
  • Keep animals out of a garden or field
  • Section off property
  • Horse corral
  • To create a barricade that keeps people from passing through

These are just some of the uses of split-rail fencing because you can use it for whatever you want. Two things that you are not able to use it for is the containment of children and pets because there are spaces between the rails that they can fit to. Unless a fabric or wire meshing is added, they will find a way out.

Fencing Material Options

Wood and vinyl are the two main choices for split-rail fencing. The types of wood may include oak, Western Red Cedar, Eastern White Cedar, or Southern Yellow Pine Wood. The issue with wood is that it can warp and requires annual maintenance. Wood can also rot and fall victim to water damage. What you choose in this regard depends on how much maintenance you want to do or pay for over time and even the budget that you are working with, but wood looks fantastic and can be a great asset to your property.

Vinyl doesn’t require the maintenance, as it doesn’t warp. However, you can expect to pay more for vinyl since it is the maintenance-free option. It doesn’t fade and you don’t have to repaint it. Our Twin Cities fence company will go over the pros and cons of each with you so that you can make an educated decision and be confident with the final choice.

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Fencing adds curb appeal, privacy, and security. With a quality split rail fence, you can secure your claim on your space while injecting more aesthetic appeal into the property. If you are ready to review your fencing options so you can have the fence that you want and need, Fence Me In can help you. To learn more about what we can do for you, call us at 763-807-5340 or complete our online form to request a free quote today!