Wood Fence Installation

Wood Fence Installations Lino Lakes MN.

We can provide you with wooden picket fences, semi-privacy wooden fences, privacy wooden fences, split rail custom wood fences, and commercial wood fences.

Wood is the oldest fence material because it is beautiful and allows for different stylings. It is a common privacy fence material in that the fence can vary in height, keeping out prying eyes and trespassers. They are also of a high quality and they look fantastic with practically any property.

If you are ready for a beautiful, natural, and versatile form of fencing, Fenced Me In can help you. Our Minneapolis and St. Paul fence installers have the expertise and knowledge to make sure you have the fencing that you want and need for your property.

Wood Fence Installations Lino Lakes MN. Fence Contractor

Professional Wood Fence Installation

At Fence Me In, we are committed to using only high quality wood materials, but we also give you the best cost for those materials. Here are some qualities of the different types of wood that we carry:

  • We can install wood fencing materials that are resistant to decay, rot, and insect infestation
  • There are many decorative styles available, such as the ability to add a lattice top
  • Prefabricated panels of some fence types are economical and attractive

We are very methodical in our approach, which starts from the free consultation. We will listen to your needs and evaluate the property so we can present you with the right options. We take care of the permits and talking the utility companies so your chosen fence is installed safely. We answer any questions you have and you always know what we are doing.

Wood Fence Maintenance And Repair

Wood fencing, depending on the wood type and how the weather treats your fence, may need some maintenance. If your fence is broken because a storm has moved through, we can take care of the repair for you. If you need your wood fence maintained and you don’t have the time to take care of it or you don’t know the proper maintenance methods, we can help you.

When you ensure your fence is repaired when it needs to be and properly maintained, you contribute to the longevity of your investment. So whenever you have a need, let our Minneapolis & St. Paul fence installers and repair experts help you.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Fence Installer

Wood has been used as a fence material since the beginning of fences and that is significant in that it is still a popular wood material. If you are ready to have a wood fence on your property, Fence Me In is there to get the job done. We make the selection process easy for you and then provide you with the service and treatment that you deserve. To learn more about our wood fence installation services, call us at 763-807-5340 to request a free quote.